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What is CMP?
What is CMP?

A consent management platform (CMP) enables companies to automate their consent management process, making it easier to be compliant in a world of ever-evolving data privacy regulation. A compliant CMP can inform visitors about the types of data they’ll collect and what they will use it for, store visitor consent data and deal with visitor’s requests to make alterations about the data the website has collected about them, including requests to access and erase this data.
As always, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data privacy law, so your CMP should be flexible to accommodate website visitors from all over the world.

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GDPR, IAB TCF 2.0 and more soon
  • Automatic website cookie scanner
  • No cookies before user agrees to privacy policy
  • Comply with the following Privacy Regulations & Frameworks: GDPR, IAB TCF 2.0 and more soon.
  • Fully customizable banner
  • Geolocation rules: auto-display a banner and relevant consent model based on a visitor’s region
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